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The Magical Camp

15th-17th September 2023

Alfriston Campsite, East Sussex, UK

Join us for a peaceful and uplifting weekend in the beautiful Sussex countryside.

Yes - tickets are still available!

Tickets to the camp can be purchased further down this page.

Friday 15th September

16:00 - Yoga with Carla Hanks

Evening Live Music

18:00 – Ravel Lumba

19:00 - Fae as Folk

20:00 - Damh The Bard


Saturday 16th September

10:00 -  Morning Yoga with Carla Hanks

12 noon - Rune Magic Talk

13:00 – Breathwork Workshop

14:00 – Earth Energy Workshop 

16:00 - Foraging Walk

17:00 - Finding The Goddess Talk

19:00 - Autumn Equinox Ritual

Evening Live Music

20:00 - Willows Drum


Sunday 17th September

10:00 - Morning Yoga with Carla Hanks

Buy Tickets to The Magical Camp

In order to maintain an intimate social environment tickets will be limited to 100 people.

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