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Attention Editors/Producers/Journalists!

To arrange interviews, or receive quotes from the event organisers or guest performers and artists please use the contact details above.

High resolution images are available for use in print media for promotional and editorial purposes. Please email for free use of photographs. Television crews can also be accommodated.

Faerie Festival Facts:
When: 19th-21st May 2023
Opening Times: 10am - 11pm daily
Where: Pleasant Rise Farm, Cuckmere Road, Alfriston, E. Sussex, BN26 5TN

Cost: Adult - £30.00-£82.50, Child - £12.50-£25.00.


Magic in the Air! What stirs at the bottom of your garden? Have you seen the flutter of tiny bright wings? Have you sought treasure? Have you wondered who wears bluebells, buttercups, snowdrops and daisies? Do you believe in Magic?

The words 'alf' and 'risten' in old saxon literally translates as 'elf settlement'. So it's no surprise that the picturesque village Alfriston, which is nestled in the Sussex downs makes such a wonderful location for Faerie Festival!

Highly-acclaimed, inspiring musicians, performers and children's entertainers are scheduled to amuse and uplift all who attend the 3 day magical extravaganza.
The weekend includes a busy schedule of performances and workshops led by special guests from all over the UK. A mystical market area of over 40 stalls will also be available to peruse and will contain a huge array of pixie goodies including wings, wands, crystals and even freshly caught faeries!

If at any point you feel peckish there will be the faerie food area which will be providing breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as snacks and sweet treats. And talking of sweet treats: no faerie event would be complete without a honey mead stall. The magical sweet drink of the pixies!

So prepare your wings, snowdrops, bluebells and wands for the south-east's most magical event! 

Faerie Festival 2023

Press Release

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