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Live Music & Entertainment 2021

More acts are yet to be announced!

Although every effort is made to ensure that the programme is correct we reserve the right to change the line-up without prior notice. This does do not constitute grounds for a refund.

Performances in our large entertainment tent, so you can enjoy all performances whatever the weather!

Stage compère by Chris Wadeson.


Stage Lineup to be announced soon - we are planning an extra special gathering for 2021!


PerKelt has performed its unique, Celtic Medieval Speed Folk since 2008. All its members are highly-qualified, accomplished and award-winning musicians, performing on recorder, harp, guitar, percussion, and vocals. They perform passionate and energetic, strong, melodic Celtic sounds, through original composition with content drawn from Medieval and traditional sources. They are extremely proud to present refreshing, innovative and evocative Celtic music in a way that has never been heard before. They simply cannot be missed!

The Fabulous Red Diesel

Beyond the theatrics of make-up that’s just a little extra, peacock feather ‘n’ tie-dye shirts and rainbow-emitting disco balls lies a voice with the call of the sirens and a hot handle on the blues. Kat Lee-Ryan, from the saucy band The Fabulous Red Diesel, belts out stark and original lyrics with soul-felt tonality. A highly original jazz orientated band of quirky unconventional players. They play song based jazz with soaring vocals, hooks, grooves, soul and the occasional tuba.

Spriggan Mist

No can really describe the music of Spriggan Mist. Based on old tales, spiritual pathways, dreams and reality we drift from folky floating tunes with guitar and low D whistles to a guitar driven rock song with energy to make you jump. With our love of  all things Steam Punk we have a steam punk element which brings in to play The Polyphemus Air Ship and of course our amazing dancing Spriggan, Sebastian.

Nova Halo

A fantasian siren surfing the waves of a dream pop / space rock ensemble. Ethereal soundscapes and alluring visuals serving a transcendental experience for the audience. Nova Halo is the collective name for the conceptual music project initiated by Nancy Gorman [Crash Team, Victor & The Bully, Andy and Nancy], with featured musicians including Marco Meloni, Arron Green [Blue Mess] and EOSVOX.


TangleMist as a name, came from inspiration provided by whales being named as a scientific study in California by a friend of the band. The name was deemed to be an apt description of our personality, which we hope is reflected in our eclectic collection of self penned songs, which draw inspiration from personal life experience.

Across The Sea

Once upon a time, a choir girl and a metalhead got stuck on an island, with nothing but a microphone, a guitar and a pedalboard… Across The Sea sound unlike any act you’ve heard before. Built round the hauntingly powerful voice of Hannah Katy Lewis and the unorthodox, adventurous guitar approach of Pete Ferguson, their unique genre-bending sound is wildly eclectic, fiercely inventive and singularly distinctive.

Davey Dodds

Once upon a time, he was the front man of the quintessentially English prog rock band Red Jasper, who topped the bill at The European Symphonic Rock Festival, at The Noorderligt in Holland in 1994. In 1994, Davey stopped playing music and moved to a different planet. For many years, he worked as a fly-fishing guide in remote, wilderness locations. Now that he’s been cajoled back onto the boards, he’s busy writing songs, grown from the roots and bones of his home in North Cornwall. A new solo album is almost complete and he’s playing main stage slots at festivals.

Cyoakha Grace (USA)

As a believer in the power of sound, Cyoakha Grace has followed her muse for many years, in bands (Land of the Blind, Azigza, Druid Sisters) and as a solo artist and film soundtrack composer. Her shamanic sounds are a magical musical mix of world, trance, celtic, native and improv. Featuring Indian harmonium, Celtic melodies, native flutes, percussion, melodica and a four octave voice. She is happy to lead you on a journey into the witchy woods.  

Matthew Callow


Electronic and world music with a Bollywood and classical Indian influence.

Scott & Maria

Anglo-Celtic-Hellenic duo bring uplifting acoustic tunes evoking the heart with their mesmerising harmonies. Influenced by the earth and the stars and all forms of love, they create powerful feel-good music.


The Brighton based duo have been playing music together since around 2012. Their 'Never Lost' EP is out now with much radio play throughout the UK in 2019. Check out their newest single release 'Animal' available 22nd Jan 2020!

Lyz Le Fay

Lyz Le Fay, singer/songwriter of poetical folk songs. As a solo performer, Lyz captivates the audience with her a angelic vocals, as she weaves her way through traditional folk tunes and her handwritten masterpieces. If you remember from past Faery Fests a duo called 'Willows Drum', you will remember Lyz.

Experimental Sonic Machines

Experimental Sonic Machines is a one-person & a robot sci-fi music act with home-made instruments & costumes which began in 2010, based at Lincoln UK. All ESM's music is original, with homemade music machines made from scrap materials using paper discs as programs & some are solar powered. He metamorphoses into a series of bizarre characters as he plays his music, accompanied by robot drummer Ernie, plus the mysterious organfish & flying squirrels.


Underground faerie folk band Pixiephonic. Famed for their infamous hit "The Mushroom Song" are a wandering troop of faerie folk formed in this realm on the Beltane Moon of 1996.


At the heart of Pixiephonic is the acoustic folk, strangely strange, musical tales of Witches, Faeries, Magic and Pagan whimsy.


Carys is a singer songwriter based in Suffolk with an enthusiastic and evocative stage presence displaying a natural charm that has won her many admirers, not only within the folk scene, but also far beyond it."


'I write songs about absolutely anything that takes my fancy, but usually not things that anyone else has already written about. I perform songs about the downside of being a mermaid and feminist rewrites of fairy tales'.


Corvus are an acoustic duo with neo-folk tendencies and a love of the earth, who write memorable, meaningful & melodic songs. Nature, Pagan & life influenced amongst other things, Corvus set out to write songs from the heart and explore their roots. 


Corvus – A set of beautifully crafted songs, played and sung by two fantastic local musicians' ~ The Rob Hayes Soundtrack for Friday Night Acoustic Sessions at The Tea Bar.

Pans Demonium

Pans Demonium come in all shapes and sizes. As they do the world renowned dance by Wolfshäger plus another of their own.


You will realise, when you meet them, that keeping them at bay is like trying to herd black cats...

Soluna Dance

Soluna Dance are an ATS® group based in Chelmsford Essex.


They dance the FCBD® vocabulary also to their own choreography to the various styles they create with a touch of theatre.

Vagabond Essentia

Brought together by a touch of fate and a love of all things silly, Vagabond Essentia are kindred spirits with a passion for dance.


Focussing on Eastern influences, they present Temple Dance and Temple Fire Dance. Honouring the spirit, chakras and elements to create a spellbinding performance to enrich the soul and still the mind. Then there’s the fast and furious gypsy dance. Combing the use of live percussion, yards of skirts and a fiery essence, they will stir your senses into a whirl and you will be helpless to submit.

India Blue

India Blue shares faerie-folk music with her harp, keys and ukulele. With poetic lyrics inspired by nature, magic and spirituality, and a haunting voice, many listeners describe of being ‘transported to another realm.’ Floating all year from field to festival, India’s music has captivated the hearts and imagination of humans (and other magic beings) young and old.


Martin is an up and coming London-born singer-songwriter. His unique, intensely personal lyrics and soul piercing belt and falcetto hail from a diverse tradition of genres. From heart-on-your-sleeve ballads to queer dance pop. He cites influences ranging from Adele to Elton John, Robyn the The Roots and Kllo to Ben Howard.