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Live Music & Entertainment 2017

More acts are yet to be announced!


Although every effort is made to ensure that the programme is correct we reserve the right to change the line-up without prior notice. This does do not constitute grounds for a refund.

Our 2018 line-up will be listed later this year.


Performances in our large entertainment tent, so you can enjoy all performances whatever the weather!

Plus compère by Chris Wadeson!


Damh the Bard – is a modern-day Bard whose spirituality and love of folk tradition is expressed through his music, storytelling and poetry. Drawing on the Bardic tradition, his performances are both entertaining and educational, speaking directly to the heart, and never without a good splash of humour.

Uplifting mystical electro-pop with hypnotic rhythms and strong bass beats.


Matthew's vocals have been described as a being a mixture of Dead Can Dance and Erasure.

SJ & The Flying Pigs are a fresh new band from Cambridge. Their organic country, rootsy energy are capturing audiences far and wide...


Willows Drum are singer/songwriters Lyz Le Fay and Mark Barnard.


The duo have recorded two studio albums and will be accompanied by additional musicians during their performances at the festival.

livia1 pixiephonic

Livia is a singer-songwriter from London, making music with a magical twist! Joined on stage by her touring group of faery dancers 'The Elementals', Livia brings all the magic of an enchanted forest twinned with  haunting melodies and meaningful lyrics for a visual as well as sonic experience.

At the heart of Pixiephonic is the acoustic folk, strangely strange, musical tales of Witches, Faeries, Magic and Pagan whimsy.

soluna cyo

The timeless heartbeat and ancient arts spiral into fierce faerie folk with Cyoakha's ecstatic live looping. Her shamanic vocals beckon you to join the fae tribe you have been waiting for. Aho!

PerKelt has performed its unique, Celtic Medieval Speed Folk since 2008. All its members are highly-qualified, accomplished and award-winning musicians, performing on recorder, harp, guitar, percussion, and vocals.

corvus devonbird india blue

Devonbird combine traditional foot stomping jigs and reels with original haunting ballads and songs often having their origins in old devonshire folklore and dialect.

Soulful melodies, earthy rhythms and groovy beats. Witches, Faeries, Angels, the Green Man and the Goddess.

Journey with these Pagan folk and meet them all.

Corvus are an acoustic duo with neo-folk tendencies and a love of the earth, who write memorable, meaningful & melodic songs.

An amazing young talent! Bethany is our youngest performer at the festival and has an incredible voice!

sgbd pd sd frame

Dancers & Drumming Groups

Touch The Earth are a Pagan Tribal Folk Band who make music that touch the heart. Their inspiration flows from the Celtic Heritage of the land.


Daemonia Nymphe is an esoteric ensemble formed in Greece. Their founder, Spyros G, is the first artist worldwide to compose and perform improvisations on ancient Hellenic instruments, such as Kithara, Lyre and Varvitos, handcrafted with design and materials authentic to their epoch. Due to superb costumes and masks, attending a Daemonia Nymphe concert is to have the eerie sensation of beholding characters stepping out from scenes on attic vases.

dae n mc frame medicine

A kick-ass swashbuckling live act playing a mix of foot-tapping original Celtic/rock  songs and a selection of cover songs such as the ever popular 'Devil Went Down To Georgia' and plenty of Irish, Scottish and English trads and jigs thrown in for good measure!


Corals enchanting vocals and captivating stage presence, always leaves her audience wanting more of the magick.


British/Colombian singer-songwriter Vanessa Forero has been composing since the age of nine. She has mainly written film/TV scores and songs for other artists, but since being selected in 2015 by Brit award singer-songwriter Beth Orton to write with and perform at her UK show, Forero decided to become her own artist and record her own songs in her distinctive Indie/Folk style with Latino influences.